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How to Make a Living Working from Home
SIX Home Business Plans

Are there any simple, low cost, low risk online businesses you can start and run from home?
That is a question I get asked lot.  So for the past three months I have been researching new business opportunities and thinking about what's worked for me in the past.  I found six business models that meet all the important criteria.  They're easy to start.  They're inexpensive to get going.  These are low-overhead businesses so there's not a lot of risk.  ALL can be done from home. 

Skip McGrath How to Sell antiques

How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles

I got my start on eBay in 1999 selling small antiques and collectibles left over from an antique shop we had closed a few years before that when we decided to move out west.

My very first sale was a pair of 19th Century Brass Beehive Candlesticks.  They sold for $135.00 –that was much higher than I used to sell them for in my shop.  I was hooked –and haven’t looked back since.

Virtual Peddler

The Virtual Peddler: Learn how to make a living buying, selling and trading on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist

Times are tough!  And, when times are tough –the tough get creative.

That is what The Virtual Peddler is all about.  Everyone needs to make some money in this economy.

If you are out of work, then you need to make a lot of money –at least enough to live on.  If you are still working and are like most of us, you could use some extra money.



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